WR in Australia

The workplace rehabilitation industry in Australia is estimated to be close to a one billion dollar industry and employs an estimated 3,000 plus workplace rehabilitation consultants working across all Australian states and territories.

An approved WRP undergoes rigorous accreditation, professional development and quality controls that ensure optimum service and outcomes. ARPA strongly supports the rigour applied to this accreditation and expects the highest quality of service from its member group.

This accreditation process is outlined under the Heads of Workers Compensation Authorities (HWCA) Guide for nationally consistent approval framework for workplace rehabilitation providers

The purpose of a nationally consistent approval framework for providers is intended to:

  • provide a robust approval system across the participating workers compensation authorities
  • enable the objective measurement of provider performance against the Conditions of Approval
  • establish standards designed to deliver high quality workplace rehabilitation services to workers, employers and insurers.

HWCA Principles

Click on the image to view the HWCA Principles of Practice for Workplace Rehabilitation Providers