Forum Keynote speakers

Introducing the Forum Keynote speakers

Milo Wilkinson - Australia

The role of a behavioural scientist is to understand and predict human behaviour in the delivery and receipt of information.
Milo Wilkinson is more than a Behavioural Scientist. She is a decipherer of human patterns, a master of leadership under pressure, and a trailblazer in the world of behavioural prediction.

As an esteemed Behavioural Scientist, a sought-after criminal profiler, and a high-performance coach in both the sporting and corporate worlds, Milo boasts an unparalleled perspective on predictive human behaviour. Her wealth of experience spans a diverse cross-section of society, from the boardrooms of multinational corporations and locker rooms of elite sports teams to the inner workings of the criminal mind, narcissists, psychopaths and everyone in between.

Milo's academic foundation is equally impressive. She holds seven degrees in cognitive and clinical neurosciences, criminal sciences, psychology, and psychotherapy. Her extensive and diverse academic background offers a powerful testament to her commitment to her craft.

In a ground-breaking collaboration with Harvard University's Neuroscience Department, Milo recently completed a world-first co-design project, delving into the uncharted territories of the unconscious brain. Her reputation as a Peak Performance Behavioural Scientist has also been fortified by her work with renowned sporting teams around the globe.

Milo Wilkinson

Dr Tyler Amell - Canada

Dr Tyler Amell is an internationally recognised thought leader and keynote speaker on the topic of workplace health and productivity. When he is not speaking at events around the world, Dr Amell is a trusted advisor to organisations, including insurers, service providers, and employers, on strategic and integrated workplace health and productivity.

Dr Amell is on Faculty and is the Registrar at Pacific Coast University for Workplace Health Sciences and Lead for Work and the Workplace. He is a strategic health advisor to numerous employers, insurers, and investment firms and is also Chief Health and Strategy Officer at MediKeeper, a San Diego-based wellness technology company. Dr Amell serves on the Wellness Council of America (WELCOA)’s Wellness Advisory Council, as well as on the Executive Board of Directors of the Wellness Work Wellness Institute (WWI). He is a past CRO/CHO at a wellness technology company, a Partner/Vice President at a global HR consulting & technology company, CEO of a HR technology company, and Vice President of a large Healthcare and Rehabilitation company.

Dr Amell holds a PhD in Rehabilitation Medicine, a MSc in Rehabilitation Science and a BSc in Health Sciences.

Dr Tyler Amell

Cameron Stockdale Ed.D. - Canada

Dr Cameron Stockdale, an executive leader and scholar in the fields of leadership, innovation, technology, law, and organisational behaviour, brings his extensive experience to bear in guiding positive change within organisations. Emphasising an approach of ongoing growth and refinement, his work focuses on increasing efficiencies and bolstering team performance. Drawing from a substantial background in emergency services, including over 25 years of hands-on experience, Dr Stockdale’s research is rooted in its practical applications. As the Chief Executive Officer and President of the Work Wellness Institute, a non-profit research organisation dedicated to conducting global research and disseminating knowledge that fosters a positive workplace environment Dr Stockdale’s goal is to make research more accessible for workplaces and employers, with a focus on workplace health, wellness and performance issues.

Besides his undergrad education in Recreation Management and Paramedicine, Dr Stockdale holds a Doctor of Education degree in Interdisciplinary Leadership from Creighton University, a Master of Laws degree in Innovation, Technology & Law from the University of Edinburgh, a Postgraduate Certificate in Organisational Behaviour from Harvard University Extension School, and a Master of Arts degree in Leadership from the University of Guelph.

Cameron Stockdale