About ARPA

The Australian Rehabilitation Providers Association (ARPA) is the peak body representing the workplace rehabilitation industry in Australia. ARPA has a national membership of 150 member organizations of varying size from small professional rehabilitation practices, to national organizations, in turn representing approximately 1,400 full-time equivalent (FTE) Workplace Rehabilitation Consultants in more than 500 sites.

As a national peak body, ARPA is leading in assisting with key industry reforms across the country that benefit the recovery, employment participation and social inclusion of people who have sustained a work-related injury or with a disability.

We have a commitment to returning people safely and rapidly to work because we are committed to the principles that work, in general, is good for us: and long term work absence, work disability and unemployment have in general, a negative impact on health and well-being. ARPA is a signatory to the Health Benefits of Work statement.

Our member organizations consist of multi-disciplinary allied health professional teams who assist people with disability, illness or injury to remain or return to the workplace or enter new employment, as well as achieve social outcomes such as independence in the community.

ARPA members deliver services within all jurisdictional workers’ compensation and motor vehicle accident insurance jurisdictions, veterans’ affairs and defence rehabilitation programs, and disability employment services on behalf of the Australian Government. ARPA members are recognized within the disability sector as providing services that lead to sustainable unsupported employment and independent living. These services are provided in environments where people require short term assistance through to catastrophic injuries requiring long term care and support.